The Korean Microelectronics and Packaging Society (KMEPS) was established on December 6th, 1993, after receiving accreditation as an incorporated body from the Ministry of Trade and Industry in order to lead the technologies in the field of microelectronics and packaging, new technologies in the future, and to contribute to the electronics industry development of domestic and international societies. In addition, it is mandated to establish the creation of their culture by actively exerting efforts on the research, presentation, exchange and distribution of studies and technologies in the field of microelectronics and packaging.

Role of KMEPS

The main purpose of KMEPS, sister society of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS), is to exchange studies and technologies between advanced international enterprises, universities and research institutes in the field related to precision electronics and packaging. In particular, the society covers the fields of electronic parts and packaging manufacture, substrate materials, interconnections, BGA, SMT, MCMs, ASICs, sensors and optoelectronics, thick and thin film technology and polymer dielectrics as well as the fields of new manufacturing technologies, putting emphasis on the technological and information exchange in these fields.

Target Businesses

  • Holding research presentations, lectures, exhibitions, etc.
  • Publishing academic journals and books
  • Encouraging research studies, data collection and studies and giving commendations for outstanding achievements
  • Providing sponsorship and proposals for public services as well as advice on microelectronics and packaging
  • Performing various international scientific and technological exchange activities
  • Establishing an Industry-University-Institute collaboration system to pursue professionalism
  • Other businesses necessary for achieving the objectives of KMEPS